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Heavy-duty locking for roller shutter and barn doors

The Maple Freightlock is an air-operated heavy-duty slamlock specifically designed for roller shutter doors. With more than 21 years of proven field service operation, this product is still recognised as the best heavy-duty security lock of its type.

Operated pneumatically, Freightlock utilises minimal power consumption (negating the issue of drained batteries, overloaded circuits and burnt out solenoids). Employing a single ‘slamlock’ operation, it is designed to lock every time the vehicle door is closed, securing the vehicle load area, with no padlocks or even manual locks to remember. This makes the system ideally suited to multi-drop and high risk, high value cargo operations. The lock itself is fitted internally so it is not visible to intruders and is protected against attack.

Freightlock is available with a range of keying options, from high security KABA 20 locking cylinders to Maple’s own keyless transponder system, specifically designed for driver convenience.

In the case of uniquely coded transponders, each fob has its own unique identification code, is maintenance and battery free, and gives a lifetime of trouble-free operation. If a transponder is lost or stolen, a replacement can be quickly re-programmed and the original rendered useless.

Key features

  • Fits to rigid or trailer shutter doors.
  • ‘Slamlock’ action – locks and secures the door upon closing in one motion.
  • Single action, pneumatically operated for reliability – so no burnt out solenoids.
  • External air valve provides flexibility for installation. The system can be installed on trailers with or without an active air supply such as demountable boxes or sea containers.
  • Available with a KABA 20 key system or battery free transponder
  • Over 21 years proven in service use.
  • Wide variety of commercial vehicle end users from van fleets, cash-in-transit companies, logistics companies and the fire brigade.
  • Environmentally tested from -40°C to +60°C.
  • Low level of maintenance, as the mechanical parts are self-lubricating.