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Electronic Cargo Door Locks -Per Door

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Product Code: HFS-MBECDL-01
  • Automatically locks the door on closing
  • Works independently from central locking
  • Secures your vehicle contents at all times
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Why do you need it


The leading cause of vehicle contents theft is human error.  Factory fit central locking systems perform a global unlock on the vehicle and this includes the load area.  These remain unlocked until the central locking is re-applied, leaving the contents of the vehicle vulnerable.  With multi drop drivers pressured for time, unlocking and relocking doors after each delivery or collection has a habit of falling to the way side.

What does it do


Linking in to the factory fitted door locking system, the electrolock ensures that the load area door locks automatically on closing, and remain locked until the correctly coded dallas key is applied to the security plate, ensuring that the vehicle contents remain secure.

With a variety of criteria options for the fleet manager, you can specify the level of security appropriate to your vehicles use;

1.       Standard unlock on dallas key

2.       Will only unlock if keys have been removed from ignition

3.       Will only unlock if keys have been removed from ignition & cab doors have been locked

Product Code:  HFS-MBECDL-01