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Bury Universal System 9 Bluetooth Charging Cradle

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Product Code: CRD-SYS9

Extension for all Bluetooth hands-free car kits

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System 9 charged and always ready to talk

The System 9 is the extension for Bluetooth hands-free car kits that do not independently support the use of an external antenna or the charging function of the mobile phone battery.

The components of the System 9 are designed for Bluetooth hands-free car kits from all manufacturers.

The hang-up cup BasePlate and the ActiveCradle are the two main parts of this system. Thanks to patented snap-in mounting, the two of them can be quickly connected.

Simply insert the mobile phone into the activeCradle for a comfortable and secure placement of mobile phones. In addition, integrated battery charging technology gives you unlimited talk time.

By using the external antenna with the basePlate, the sending and reception quality can be noticeably improved while driving.


  • Optimum GSM reception thanks to an external antenna connection
  • Unlimited talk time in the vehicle thanks to charging function
  • For fixed installation or flexi-install version via cigarette lighter plug
  • Convenient and secure placement of mobile phones
  • A wide range of mounting options, window and dashboard mount – flexible and removable
  • Patented: quick and easy snap-in mounting of the cradles

Product Code: CRD-SYS9